Your Birthmark Could Reveal How You Died In A Past Life, So That’s Creepy

We all have a mole or two on our body; or even hundreds of them! However, most of us aren't aware of the fact that our birthmarks have a spiritual value. See here what your birthmarks tell about you!

Birthmarks were a source of myths and superstitious beliefs since the dawn of times.

During the bizarre Salem Witch Trials, birthmarks were considered the sign of Satan by Salem witch hunters. This isn’t the only story of moles and their significance.

There are numerous legends, myths, and stories about various birthmarks. For instance, some people believe that if an expecting mother craves food during pregnancy, her baby will be born with a mole in the shape of food.


Interesting, right? However, this isn’t the only myth related to birthmarks. Let’s find out more myths, stories, and legends about moles and their meanings:

Fatal Past Life Wounds

The legend has it that the very placement of birthmarks on your body indicates where you were fatally injured in a past life.

A birthmark in the shape of dagger, sword or a knife could also indicate that your past life was ended by stabbing.

However, if you have a mole in the shape of fire, that could mean your past life was taken away by fire. Other people believe that if an expecting mom stares directly into fire, her baby will be born with a birthmark like this one:

Rosebud Baker

Fatal Past Life Identity

The same mole that some people interpret as a sign of how someone died in the past could also be interpreted as what was someone’s occupation in the past.

If you have a birthmark in the shape of a sword or dagger, that indicates you were a warrior in your past life.

IBTimes UK

There are stories that birthmarks can also indicate one’s gender in past life. We will leave this part to your imagination.

Your Spirit Animal

If you have a birthmark in the shape of a member of the animal kingdom, that means you are somehow connected to that animal. Just please don’t get mad if your birthmark is in the shape of a sloth!

People who have a birthmark in the shape of a bird are said to be great singers.

Lucky Omens

People with a mole in the shape of a clover should consider themselves lucky. Everyone who has a birthmark in the shape of a clover is said to be especially lucky.

In Turkey, a baby with a birthmark in the shape of the heart was born. The doctors called the baby boy “the love baby.”

Bored Panda

Other lucky birthmarks include moles in the shape of angel wings and horseshoes.

Although these are only stories, they are fun to pass along to others and to hear about. After all, stories like these were always a part of our civilization. They started around fire, and now they are on the Internet!