You’ll Be Stunned At What Happens When You Wrap Your Feet In Aluminum Foil For An Hour

Use foil for a variety of easy home remedies, and enjoy your new life!

Found in every well-stocked kitchen, aluminum foil is a versatile tool that can be used for many things. Of course, we all know it’s used in food preparation and storage. But did you know it could be used as a cold remedy?

As a cold remedy, at least five layers of foil is wrapped around the foot for two hours. Since foil has anti-inflammatory properties, the foil should alleviate some of your cold symptoms. If symptoms persist for over a week, see a doctor for treatment.

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Foil can also be used as a burn remedy. After being cleaned with water and a dry towel, apply burn ointment and clean gauze. Then, wrap the wound in foil and fasten it in tape. Keep the wound as still as possible and watch the pain subside.

Is drinking coffee not as effective as it used to be? Put a few strips of foil in the freezer for two to three hours, place the cold foil on your cheeks and eyelids, and let the relaxation and alertness fill your mind.

Even achy joints can be remedied by aluminum foil. Wrap foil over the achy joint and limit your movements. Keep the foil on for 24 hours, or at least overnight, and repeat the process for ten days. Your pain should melt away.