You’ll Be Amazed At What This Man Created After Planting Trees in The Same Spot For 37 Years

This man planted a tree in the same spot for 37 years and what he creates will leave your mouth open!

National Geographic was amazed when they saw what this man created.

Since 1979, Jadav Payeng has planted a forest bigger than Central Park all on his own! The dedicated arborist managed to turn an eroding wasteland into a beautiful tropical paradise for man and creature alike. 115 elephants, deer, rhino, and tigers call this 550-hectare forest their home.

Payeng has a desire to restore his home island of Majuli and neighboring Jorhat with the magnificent forests that once spread throughout them.

Agricultural development and human influence ruined the natural attraction of his home, but Payeng is doing his share to bring the ecosystem back. He’s a man on a journey and proves that little acts every day can add up to large changes over time!