Woman Refused to Pull the Plug on Her Husband — When He Woke Up He Had 2 Words For Her

After this woman refused to pull the plug on her husband, he woke up and had two words for her...

Seven years after Danielle and Matt got married, an unimaginable disaster happened:

Matt got into a terrible motorcycle accident. He was rushed to the hospital, but there was only a limited amount of things that the doctors could do to help him. He soon went into a coma, so they had to put him on life support.

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The doctors explained to Danielle that her husband would never wake up from his coma and Matt only had around a 10 percent chance of surviving. But Danielle’s gut feeling was telling her that Matt wasn’t ready to give up fighting quite yet. “We didn’t really have a chance to start our life together,” Danielle stated. “I wasn’t going to give up.”

Danielle knew her husband way better than the doctors because Matt truly was a fighter.

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For months, Danielle and her mother took care of Matt in his unconscious. They gave him food through a tube, gave him medicine and even bathed him. Three months after the disaster, Matt woke up.

Danielle asked Matt to move his arm. Matt began to open his mouth and answered, “I’m trying.” But Matt wasn’t clear yet. Due to the brain trauma that he experienced during the wreck, he lost three years of memories before the accident. That means he didn’t even remember who Danielle was!

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Matt spent numerous months in recovery programs, where he relearned the basics like how to walk, talk, eat and drink. He’s also spent the last many years falling in love with Danielle all over again. He told ABC News, “I’m sure glad I married her.”