Why You Need To Stop Putting Ice In Your Drink At McDonald’s, Burger King, Or KFC

Here's why you need to stop putting ice in your drinks when you go to McDonald's, Burger King, or KFC.

A new investigation of ice machines at multiple fast food restaurants showed that more than half of them were infected with bacterias that have originated from fecal matter.

According to a BBC Watchdog research published by the Daily Mail, many restaurants failed the randomly timed test of their ice machines when coliform bacteria was found developing within them — a standard symptom that means fecal matter was once present. The infection possibly occurred after an employee didn’t wash their hands the correct way and then they touched the ice.

KFC, McDonald’s, and Burger King were a few of the fast food restaurants that failed the test that BBC conducted, and KFC showed coliform bacteria developing at seven of the 10 restaurants that were examined. Five of the seven that were infected, were also listed as “severe.”

KFC acknowledged the BBC news by stating that their procedures for cleaning the ice machines are pretty strict and that each location that failed had been completely cleaned after holding a brief shutdown.

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McDonald’s also answered the investigation with a comparable statement, stating that their food safety guidelines were being evaluated and that customer service continued to be their number one priority.

“Hygiene and safety practices are of the utmost importance to us and we’re proud that 99 percent of our restaurants have an independent hygiene rating of either good or very good,” stated a report from the fast food giant.

“The large number of beverages and soda fountain machines containing E. coli is still of considerable concern … and suggests that more pathogenic strains of bacteria could persist and thrive in soda fountain machines if introduced,” revealed the study.