White 12-Year-Old Sparks Outrage After Posting Picture Of Her New Hairstyle; Is It Inappropriate? (Photo)

After posting this photo of her new hairstyle, this 12 year old has been sparking outrage.

A 12-year-old white girl endured extreme investigation after posting photos of herself online with her new hairstyle that some would say should only be for black people.

According to B. Scott, Mallory Merk posted a couple selfies of her box braids online to show them off to her friends but wasn’t expecting to be faced by so many negative comments.

“The point we are trying to make is that its offensive all we have is our culture nd whether u knew it or not u took what’s supp (sic),” a Twitter user, CaramelCreamQueen stated.

Image via LoveThisPic.com

“Yes, something as ‘trivial’ as a hairstyle can be triggering or upsetting,” Jamilah Lemieux wrote. “Let us have it. This goes to everyone, btw. It’s feeling like psychological torture, esp against the backdrop of state-sanctioned murder and the #BlackLiveMatters movement. …our bodies, our music, our fashion, our lips, our hair…everything about us is ripe for the picking by people WHO DO NOT TREAT US WELL. This is not happy cultural mixing where you bring the blonde and I bring the braids, because you hate me and tell me as much all the time.”

Others, though, defended Merk’s hairstyle. “Black women saying white women can’t get braids while they’re running around with blonde hair,” one Twitter user pointed out.

Do you think her hairstyle is offensive?