When Hard-Working Mom Of 2 Calls In Sick, Something Tells Her Boss To Go Check On Her

A mother from Brazil was struggling financially, barely able to afford food for her children, when she met somebody who ended up changing her life forever.

Cassie Camilo was having a difficult time. Her mother had died, she had been through a divorce and she was barely making enough money to survive, let alone care for her family.

She left to the U.S. at 35 after hearing about other women and their success stories of moving to the U.S. for work. She wanted to send money back to her family in Brazil, so she thought that she would try this herself. Still, she says, it didn’t make leaving her children any easier.

Once she moved to the U.S., Camilo tried to pick up work whenever and wherever she could. She was working two jobs and still struggling when she met a Peter DeRosa.

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DeRosa is a successful restaurateur in Westport, Connecticut. Camilo was hired by DeRosa to wash dishes at his restaurant and the two quickly became friends.

“I could tell that she is a special person,” DeRosa told HooplaHa. “So, I did my share to try and help her whenever possible.”

DeRosa knew that Camilo was a hard worker, so he became concerned when she didn’t show up for work one day. He decided to go check on her at home and discovered that she was seriously ill.

He took his friend to a clinic, where he says a doctor told him, “It’s a good thing you came, this girl is in really bad shape.”

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Once Camilo recovered, DeRosa decided he wanted to do everything he could to assist. He helped pay for her English classes, made sure she had food, and made sure she always had work.

Camilo was touched by all the help she received from DeRosa. She calls him her “Angel” and says, “I believe God sent me him.”

Eventually, she was able to open her own cleaning business called “Happy Angels,” and was reunited with her children. She also got married to the love of her life, Jeremy Ramos.

Thanks to DeRosa’s selflessness, Camilo was given a fresh start and the opportunity to bring her family back together again.