This Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Is Baffling Everyone On The Internet

Everyone's mind is bugged by this Wheel of Fortune game...

“Wheel of Fortune,” along with “Family Feud,” is one of the most popular American TV game shows. The show saw its first appearance in the 1970s and ever since then died and reappeared a couple of times.


The game show’s contestants have to guess an entire sentence based on just a couple of letters. However, some word puzzles on “Wheel of Fortune” can quite be challenging to the show’s contestants, just like one recent word puzzle.

This one latest “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle game left everyone baffled.

TV by the Numbers

Here’s that puzzle that first started to baffle a Twitter user called @twittersgoodboy , but eventually started to bug the minds whole Twitter community.


@twittersgoodboy thought that the answer to the word puzzle is “Suck it Dork.”

@twittersgoodboy’s Tweet broke the Internet and the whole Twitter community. He gained a lot of followers after posting his “Suck it Dork” tweet. Soon, other Twitter users started to guess the answer to the mysterious “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle.

Daily Mail

A Twitter user called MrMunk00 got serious about this word puzzle. Unlike other Twitter users who solved it in hilarious ways, MrMunk00 provided a more sensible answer.


His answer was “Duck at Work.”

One of the funniest guessers was @davegrapes:


He was almost certain that the answer was “Pick at Pork.” However, that wasn’t the correct answer!

The correct answer to this “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle that had baffled thousands of Twitter members was…


…”Back at Work!”

Now that we know answer to this one, let’s baffle your mind one again with this “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle:

The Wrap

Good luck with trying to solve this one!