This Is Why You Should Never Tip Servers 20%

There are numerous reasons why you shouldn't tip those servers. Find out why!

The next time you are about to tip your server, recall this article and you will quickly change your mind about tipping that server. These are the reasons why you should never tip servers that big 20 %:

1. They Make a Lot of Money Already


Servers earn $2.23 per month! That’s enough for them to live by for an entire month!

2. Your Food Order Took Long to be Delivered


Maybe your food order took too long to be delivered because your server had to remember another twenty food orders. But they have to have a good memory, right?

3. They Got Tips Already

4. They Forgot to Bring You a Salad Dressing


How could they be so rude that they forgot to bring you your salad dressing while handling ten other food orders?!

5. Their Job is Super Easy

It’s super easy to stand on your feet for more than eight hours and doing a job that is more stressful than surgeon’s job!

6. Their Shifts are Flexible

No one has more flexible hours than servers!

7. They Get Free and Delicious Meals

Life in Saudi Arabia

Aren’t restaurant leftovers delicious?

Important Note: The whole purpose of this article wasn’t insulting servers. Instead of insulting servers, our intention was to raise awareness among people that servers actually live off our tips.

Every day, servers around the world have to deal with bosses that maltreat them, rude people, and many disgusting side jobs. So don’t forget to tip your servers! They deserved your tips!