This 30-Day Russian Sleep Deprivation Experiment Went Terribly Wrong

Some experiments that were conducted back in the days were pretty much bizarre. However, one experiment that was conducted in Russia is the definition of the word bizarre. After reading about this bizarre Russian experiment, you will feel lucky for not being a part of it!

In the 1940s, several Russian scientists decided to conduct an experiment that would test the effects of sleep deprivation. However, those scientists didn’t expect that their experiment would go wrong.

This creepy sleep deprivation experiment was conducted when people didn’t know a thing about sleep deprivation and its effects. Russia wanted to become the first country back then to have tested the effects of sleep deprivation. A group of Russian scientists chose five subjects from among Russian prisoners that were accused of being the enemies of the state.

Five Russian prisoners were chosen to become a part of the first sleep deprivation experiment in history.
They were promised to be exempt from punishment after successfully completing the experiment.

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The scientists who planned this bizarre experiment told the subjects that they would be free again if they make the experiment successful. The goal the subjects were given to accomplish is to stay away for 30 days straight.

The sleep deprivation experiment subjects were given a special type of gas that supposedly eliminated the need for sleep.

This experiment was conducted in a sealed environment where only test subjects were exposed to the special gas. The scientists also gave subjects microphones as a mean of communication with them.

The Russian Sleep Experiment test subjects were given small amounts of a special gas that eliminated their need for sleep.

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The subjects were placed in a chamber that had essential things, such as running water, a toilet, food supplies, etc.

The first days of this bizarre experiment went smooth. Each experiment subject was carefully tracked.

However, several days into the experiment, the subjects started to act weird. They talked to each other about their traumatic experiences from the past.

Soon after that, the subjects became paranoid. They stopped talking to each other, but they started whispering unknown words into their mics. After their paranoid phase, the subjects turned on each other.

On the experiment’s tenth day, the subjects started to scream. One of the subjects even screamed for three hours straight until his vocal cords stopped working. Even though his vocal cords betrayed him, the guy continued to squeak instead of screaming.

It seemed that other subjects weren’t aware of the behavior of the subject who squeaked.

One day, the subjects simply stopped to make sounds. This made the scientists concerned. They reached the subjects via an intercom. Only one subject responded to the scientists with “We no longer want freedom.”

It was the fifteenth day of the experiment when the scientists ordered the experiment to be stopped. After 15 days of being exposed to a special gas, the subjects exhibited bizarre effects of being exposed to the gas.

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The scientists concluded that this experiment was one huge mistake so they ordered soldiers to get subjects out of the chamber. The soldiers were terrified of what they saw in the chamber – a dead subject who was missing flesh from his thighs and chest. Other subjects were alive, but they were severely injured.

The subjects who remained alive were missing skin and flesh. Some of them even had self-inflicted wounds. This is the picture of one of the subjects taken after the experiment was dismissed.

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As the Russian soldiers attempted to take subjects out of their chamber, the subjects became violent and screamed things like “We must remain awake” and “We want gas!”

No one to this day knows what ever happened to the subjects of the Russian sleep deprivation experiment.