There’s A Celtic Zodiac And It’s Really Accurate

Did you know that there's Celtic zodiac that is pretty much more accurate than the Western zodiac? Find out here what your horoscope sign in the Celtic zodiac is and what it means!

People are most familiar with the Western Zodiac and know what their Western Zodiac sign is. However, there are several other Zodiacs besides the Western Zodiac, such as Native American horoscope, Indian Zodiac, Egyptian horoscope, and Celtic Zodiac.

Out of all these mentioned Zodiacs, by far the most accurate one is the Celtic Zodiac. The guides in the Celtic Zodiac are wild animals as opposed to the Western horoscope where guides are constellations.

Let’s find out here your Celtic Zodiac sign and what does it say about your character:

Deer – Dec 24 to Jan 20

Spirit Animals

These people aren’t flexible when it comes to changing their mind. They are ambitious and persistent. They never leave things undone.

Cat – Jan 21 to Feb 17


People born under this Celtic Zodiac sign are just like cats – logical, smart, and introverted. They only show their true colors to people they trust.

Snake – Feb 18 to Mar 17


Snake people live for adventures and they are curious by their nature. They are good at socializing with people.

Fox – Mar 18 to Apr 14


Foxes are the life of the fun. They are outgoing, crazy, and they rarely settle down because of their high energy levels.

Bull – Apr 15 to May 12


Bulls are stable, stubborn, and sturdy. They are also highly dependent people.

Seahorse – May 13 to Jun 9


People born under this Celtic Zodiac sign are highly adaptable. These people also have an excellent memory so they will know what you wore on the Christmas Eve of several years ago!

Wren – Jun 10 to Jul 7

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Wren people are known to stay emotionally stable even through the toughest times. These people are also good at cheering up other people and spreading the happiness.

Horse – Jul 8 to Aug 4

People born under this Celtic Zodiac sign are full of life and life energy. They are also outgoing and friendly. Once a person born under this zodiac sign becomes your friend, they will be your friend for life!

Salmon – Aug 5 to Sept 1

Third Stone Stamps

Salmon people are intuitive, creative, and introverted. They don’t allow other people go the way they are going; they dive alone.

Swan – Sept 2 to Sept 29

Otter On a Rock

Swans are the drama kings and queens of the Celtic Zodiac. These people have high standards and are overly picky. It’s hard to win a Swan’s heart, but when you do, that will last forever!

Butterfly – Sept 30 to Oct 27


People born under this Celtic Zodiac sign are the social butterflies of their social group. They are always involved in what’s going on in their friends’ lives. They also do everything they can to make other people feel good.

Wolf – Oct 28 to Nov 24


Courage and pride are the two words that describe a person born under this Celtic Zodiac sign. Wolf people are naturally born leaders.

Hawk – Nov 25 to Dec 23/strong>

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Hawk people are wise and extremely stubborn. They fly off to many things all at once which can sometimes make their life chaotic. They need to learn to take things one by one at a time.