The Rock’s Daughter from The Game Plan is All Grown Up!

Remember the little girl who starred as The Rock's daughter in "The Game Plan?" Well, she's all grown up now. Find out here what she looks like today!

Remember Peyton Kelly in “The Game Plan?” You know, the girl who was The Rock’s long-lost daughter in the movie.

Her role was unforgettable! But what does Madison Pettis, the girl who played Peyton in “The Game Plan”
look like today?

Here’s a recent snap of Madison:

Gorgeous Madison appeared in several commercials and she’s also a voice actor!

M Magazine

She hails from Arlington, Texas

She is of Irish, Italian, and French descendency

Her boyfriend is Michael Porter Jr

She loves to work out


That’s why she has an amazing bikini body!

Everybody loves Madison because she didn’t allow the fame didn’t spoil her


She respects her colleagues


And she still respects her on screen dad, The Rock!

M Magazine