The Rise Of Thiccness: An Evolution Of Women’s Hips

The story of the evolution is as interesting as thiccness itself...

When did thiccness become a thing? When did women realize that flat stomachs aren’t a thing anymore and that thiccness is much more attractive? Believe it or, but thiccness has been a thing since the dawn of times.

Before we start talking about the rise of thiccness, let’s first define what thiccness and being thicc is:

Example One: Thiccness Back in the Dawn of Times – 25,000 B.C.E


This is Venus of Willendorf. This clay statue represents what the ideal female body looked liked 25,000 B.C.E.

Example Two: Thiccness Today



Many young adult women have embraced the trend of thiccness. They saw that being thicc is much better than having a flat stomach and a posterior as flat as a plank.

Example Three: The Queen of Thiccness


Kim K is the modern Venus of Willendorf. She is the Queen of Thiccness. Millions of girls consider her as their role model so they strive to become thicc as Kim K.

Example Four: Thiccness in the World of Fashion

we them thick

The Leg Day

Forget about those skinny, anorexic-like models because the new kids on the block in the fashion world have arrived – thicc aka plus-size models.

More and more respectable fashion houses employ thicc women to represent their brand. Some notable thicc models include Kaela Humphries, Lizzie Miller, Fluvia Lacerda, and Anansa Sims.

Example Five: Thiccness in the World of Celebrities



Even the world’s most famous celebs have embraced the thiccness. Let’s name a few of them. Rihanna, Hilary Duff, Nicki Minaj, Amber Rose, Jennifer Lopez, all of them are thicc.

Example Six: Thiccness Has Become a Meme

Here are a few memes related to thiccess:


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