The old man scolded the waitress every day – when he dies 7 years later, he leaves her his inheritance

This old man scolded at a waitress for seven years and when he passes, he leaves her his inheritance.

Treat others how you want to be treated – and remember, your great deeds will be repaid, sooner or later. This old saying may be centuries old, but it continues to be so true.

We’ve seen it with the waitress who got one amazing surprise from the firefighter she offered free breakfast to one day – now we observe it once again, with Melina Salazar.

The Luby restaurant waitress from Brownsville, Texas, had an experience that confirmed karma is surely real.

No matter rain or sunshine, Melina greeted her customers with a smile. Her positive nature encouraged her guests to see the good in life.

Not all guests, though. One man, in particular, Walter “Buck” Swords was, well, a tad more complicated than most. The 89-year-old who’d been visiting the restaurant for 7 years complained and whined constantly.

He never seemed to be content with what he got, sometimes having grumpy outbursts. No one genuinely liked Walter – and well, Walter didn’t seem to like anybody much either.

But Melina could handle the aging man.

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Every day for 7 years, she waited on the 89-year-old with kindness and patience. She took his grumpiness with a smile. She never stopped giving him friendly words – even when she was met with his grouchy mood and rather unpleasant demeanor.

Years went on and it was the same thing every day. For Melina, serving Walter was in some ways a healing experience.

But one day, something changed. Walter didn’t show up at his normal time for his typical meal.

It wasn’t long before Melina got the unfortunate news – Walter had passed away.

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The next day, a lawyer approached the restaurant searching for Melina. He pulled her aside and they sat for a talk. The purpose of his visit? Walter.

The lawyer notified her that his client had told him how for all the years he very much looked forward to his frequent restaurant visits – and that was because of how friendly and warm his waitress was.

Melina took in the shocking news with a smile. But seconds later, she received even more unexpected news.

Walter was so attached to the kind waitress, he’d, in fact, left her a share of his inheritance: $50,000 USD and a car. Melina couldn’t keep back the tears.

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