The Most Embarassing Celebrity Moments

Celebrities may have more money than us, but there is no money in the world they could pay to not get embarrassed in front of people. Celebrity embarrassing moments are proof that celebrities are normal human beings, just like us. See here some of the most embarrassing celebrity moments ever!

Celebrities aren’t embarrassment-proof; they have their embarrassing moments every now and then. However, some celebrities embarrassed themselves so hard that we just had to feature them on our list of most embarrassing celebrity moments.

Let’s see the funniest and most embarrassing celeb moments ever:

1. Christina Aguilera is Dirrty

Christina Aguilera turned dirty during one serious event – Etta James’ funeral ceremony. After the embarrassing event, Christina claimed that her dripping was caused by a spray-tan malfunction.

2. Fergie Peed Her Shorts in Public

Fergie had an embarrassing moment when she peed her shorts during her concert in 2005.


3. Tom Cruise Freaking Out on Oprah’s Couch

Tom would never jump like a freak on Oprah’s couch if he knew that Katie would dump him.


4. Edward Cullen Forgot to Lock the Zip

Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen forgot to lock his zip while leaving the Bowery Hotel in New York City. This happened in June 2014.

Perez Hilton

5. Powdered Angelina

During a film premiere in 2014, Angelina appeared in the worst makeup fail in her life. Her entire forehead and jaw were covered in powder! However, Angelina didn’t give a damn that day!

6. Justin Bieber Puked on Stage

Justin puked in front of thousands of his fans during his performance in Arizona in 2012.

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7. Britney Spears and Her Half Shaved Hairstyle

Brtiney quite embarrassed herself with her half shaved hairstyle. She shaved only one part of her head in 2017 for unknown reasons. Her fans said that was one hell of a comeback.