The Evolution Of Kim And Kylie’s Face Is Freaky

The two most famous half-sisters in the world have underwent a huge number of plastic surgeries in the past few years. See how they evolved from their first plastic surgery until their most recent plastic surgeries!

Let’s start this article with how Kim K looked before her very first plastic surgery:


This is how Kim looked like in 1995. She’s all natural in this photo.

Kim in 2008

Unrecognizable here!

Kim K in February 2011

Us Weekly

Even more unrecognizable!

This is Her in 2014


And this is Her as of Today

E! Online

Let’s move now onto Kylie. This is Kyle in her teens:

That is how Kylie looked in 2012.

Now, this is Kylie in November 2k14:

Teen Vogue

Kylie’s Last Year Look:


Kylie As of Today:

Elite Daily

We must admit that Kylie and Kim had to undergo numerous plastic operations to look what they look like today!