Sunken GoPro Resurfaces A Year Later To Tell This Astounding Story

A sunken GoPro resurfaces a year later to tell this amazing and astounding story.

Kyle Puelston and his daredevil family have a favorite swimming hole on Minnesota’s Temperance river.

They make the trip every year for some great family fun and document the excursions with Kyle’s GoPro camera.

One fateful summer, Kyle and his family were jumping into the Temperance, when Kyle’s GoPro sank to the bottom of the river after slipping off his head.

After 30 minutes of looking, Kyle went on with his vacation after understanding his GoPro has been lost forever… One year later, the long-lost camera resurfaced in the most amazing way.

Chris Flores and his brother were snorkeling downriver from the Puelston’s getaway when they found Kyle’s long lost camera, unharmed and dry in its casings.

The Flores brothers were excited with the find, but then they downloaded the camera footage. But it wasn’t what they had imagined.

Instead of random videos, the Flores brothers found hours of family movies and adventures. Chris Flores had nearly lost his young daughter to a heart attack the year before, so he knew just how important it was to remember those heartwarming family moments.

As Chris well said “We’re not guaranteed tomorrow.” The brothers went on and contacted Kyle and attempting to return the camera, but Kyle only asked if they would send him the video card; he let Chris keep the camera.

Kyle isn’t upset about losing the camera anymore “I’m totally glad it happened now, it’s an awesome story.”

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