The Emperor's New Groove

16 Strange Things We Spotted In The Backgrounds Of Movies

Did you notice any of these weird things?

We’re definitely not here to be Negative Nancy, but we’ve found some very interesting things in the backgrounds of movies. To the producers, directors, actors, editors, and all others involved in the films, your work is appreciated and loved. But nothing in life is perfect, and without further ado, we urge you to check out this list all the way until Jurassic Park at the end!

1. Star Wars

In Star Wars: Episode V, Luke Skywalker’s fight with Boba Fett is one of the most iconic scenes in the movie. However, you might have missed his very cleverly missed stunt kick. It makes you really appreciate today’s stunt doubles! You may also have missed Boba Fett beautifully flying to his own destruction in the background.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Movies with a twist ending are always the most exciting, but very few people watching Jack Sparrow were expecting the dramatic final scene in The Curse of the Black Pearl. After reclaiming the Black Pearl, Johnny Depp merrily orders his pirates to start working on the deck. As they are scurrying around fixing the ship, a man wearing a cowboy hat and white shirt can be spotted in the background, peering into the distant depths of the ocean. Was this cowboy’s appearance on purpose? Do they plan on introducing him in the far future? Or is he just an accident? Literally. Did he just forget to clear the set during filming and nobody else noticed either? Regardless, I think we can all agree that Mr. Cowboy needs to walk the plank.

3. The Emperor’s New Groove

Yzma, the scheming and seemingly scary main character, is shown to have some knowledge in alchemy. Remember when she “accidentally” uses extract of llama on Kuzco, thinking that it was poison? Well a bit of that llama spirit seems to have carried over to her lovely cactus.

Or obviously, Yzma knows magic…

4. The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz’s famous “hanging munchkin” has become something of an urban legend. In the scene that Dorothy, Tin-man, Scarecrow, and Toto are happily off to see the Wizard, observers can see something dark and mysterious in the background. In the forest of Oz, deep in the forest of Oz, a clearly human-shaped figure appears to hang and sway. Almost as if lifeless and suspended. Almost as if… he had been hung.

Rumors have ran rampant, but the most dominant theory concludes that one of the Munchkin actors was having personal problems with his female co-star Munchkin, and that because she didn’t love him he no longer had a purpose. According to the conspiracy, the very original 50th anniversary VHS version that hit the shelves in 1989 included the true scene of the hanging. Viewers at home who did see it spread the bad word and story. Of course, when MGM re-released the movie after remastering and editing it further, the background had interestingly changed. Instead of a human hanging figure, the background character looked almost like a large bird or animal. Many viewers declared it a coverup.

As with any story, there are two sides. A heavy majority of people are skeptical, offering reasonable alternative stories. They claim that the Munchkin actors were not even in the film studio when the scene was being filmed. Further still, what fake set tree would actually support the weight of a person? Perhaps more simply, some say that it was an editing error that made its way into the version in 1989. Whatever happened, the strange obsession with the Munchkin has been around since ancient Hollywood, and shall endure.

5. The Ring

In this scene, Noah [Martin Henderson] and Rachel [Naomi Watts] pick up the sleeping boy Aidan (David Dorfman) from the ground and slowly walk towards the hallway. In that instant, a strong shadow of a human’s head and shoulders can be spotted moving in and out of the brightly lit window frame just behind them. Many want to believe this was a real apparition, which is befitting of such a movie. While it’s very possible that this was simply a stage error, superstitious folks will go to their grave swearing that this is proof of a real spirit being caught on camera. Whatever you might think, there’s no doubt that it’s very eerie coincidence, given that Rachel and Noah were literally fleeing from an evil spirit.

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