Stephen Hawking Predicts The World Will End On This Date

Forget the spoof dates about the world ending that we've heard before. We finally have an accurate date.

We’ve had a few scares in our recent history about the world supposedly ending on a particular date. Well, this prediction may just be a bit more accurate than the others.

Scientists have now predicted when the world will end, and it is a lot sooner than we all thought.

No, these aren’t “scientists” that bought some experiment supplies at the local craft store. This prediction is a lot scarier because it is backed by respected scientists.

Even Stephen Hawking has come out and given a time frame, which isn’t looking good for us.

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Last November, Professor Hawking claimed the Earth only has 1,000 years left on its lifetime. But now, he is claiming that it significantly fewer than that.

In March, he spoke out again about how the Earth would cease to exist 900 years sooner!

If the professor is right, then the world will come to an end sometime in 2117.

What’s even more disturbing? The professor blames climate change as the main reason behind the plummeting years on existence.


In addition, he mentions the planet’s increasing population with issues of overcrowding and contamination of water sources.

We are also increasing our resistance to antibiotics, which is putting us at risk for global pandemics or deadly viruses.

The professor didn’t have all bad news. He told The Guardian that he has high hopes for artificial intelligence, increased technology and automation, which would result in economic equality.

He said:

We now have the technology to destroy the planet on which we live, but have not yet developed the ability to escape it.

The discussion about climate change has faced setbacks since President Trump got into office. The overall concern for climate change has drastically decreased.

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The UK unfortunately isn’t helping either, with Brexit negotiations threatening the development of vital climate change research. This is something we need for our planet, especially if Hawking’s predictions are accurate.

Hawking isn’t the only one that has come out with the disconcerting news. After Trump’s election last year, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved the minute hand on the Doomsday Clock 30 seconds closer to midnight.

This clock has been set by scientists based on levels of environmental change and the likelihood of nuclear weaponry being released. Under Trump’s control, the risk factors have somewhat increased.


What can we take away from this?

If we don’t make a significant change that will improve climate change, the world will end before our kids have the chance to grow old.