Sperm Banks Sending Out A Red Alert As Ginger Genes In Demand

Sperm banks are begging for more redheaded donors in light of recent demand for ginger babies.


Remember that awful girl from Finding Nemo who killed fish? Or ‘kick a ginger day’ on South Park? We may still gold those media tightly to our hearts, but it’s time to kick those stereotypes to the curb.

Finding Nemo

The soulless ginger idea seems to be falling in popularity, as evidenced by rising demand for redhead sperm donors. While in just 2011, the largest sperm bank in the world closed its doors to ginger donors, people now are wanting more and more freckled cuties.

Boing Boing

Being ginger is a recessive gene, and having one parent with the gene doesn’t guarantee a ginger child. But a sperm bank in Australia, Co-ParentMatch, even launched the hashtag #SaveGingers in hopes of having more donors, saying that “Only 2 percent of our sperm donors have ginger hair.”


Only 2 percent of the population as a whole has ginger hair, but that’s not stopping them from being more and more popular as celebrities. From Ed Sheeran to Prince Harry in real life…

The Independent

…to Tormund and Merida from fiction, it’s likely we’ll be seeing even more popular redheads in the years to come.

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