Signs That A Deceased Loved One May Still Be Nearby

Have you lost a loved one? Here are signs that they might still be around...

Losing a loved one is never easy. It can feel like a piece of you is gone forever.

Thankfully, that’s not the case. Your loved one may be transmitting signals to you from beyond the grave, letting you know that they are still watching over you.

Here are just a few signs that your loved one is still playing a very powerful role in your life, even though they have passed on.

1) Strange electrical activity in the home.
The presence of spirits or ghosts frequently interferes with electronics in the home. It sounds like something from a movie, but it occurs in real life.

Look for things like appliances shutting themselves off or turning themselves on, lights flickering or interference with your television or radio. These are all signs that you have the spirit of a loved on in the home with you.

2) Receiving signs from animals.
Animals often bring signs with them from a deceased loved one. Considering animals can have a special significance in our lives, it makes sense that the deceased would speak through them.

An example might be thinking of your loved one and having a butterfly land on you. Another sign may be spotting a favorite animal that you and a loved one shared. If you’re noticing peculiar activity from animals, it’s a sign that your loved one is trying to communicate with you.

3) Seeing your loved one in dreams.
One of the most popular signs that a loved one is watching over you is their appearance in your dreams. Oftentimes, this comes in the form of a recurring dream that brings deep comfort to the grieving person.

Many people believe this is intended to show the loved one that the deceased in doing well in the afterlife. These dreams should render some reassurance that the deceased loved one is doing well in the great beyond.

4) Seeing favorite numbers pop up.
Number repetition is another well-known sign of activity from the spirit world. If you have a number that’s significant for you or your loved one that randomly pops up, it could be a sign from the deceased.

This is an especially strong sign if you see these numbers on random objects. For example, seeing your birthday as the call numbers on a bus, or being directed to an address with your favorite numbers. This seemingly random spotting of meaningful numbers isn’t random at all — it’s a sign that your loved one is watching over you.

5) Having a sense that you are not alone in a room.
The connections we have with our loved one may be so strong that it exceeds our physical form. This means that a living person may sense when the spirit of their loved one is in the room with them.

Some people may discard this as their mind playing tricks on them, but it’s truly a sign that the living person can sense the deceased’s spirit.

If you sense your loved one’s presence with you, it’s not just in your head. You two clearly shared a unique bond that still exists, even beyond the grave.