She Hit The Gym In Only A Bra, Here’s What Happened Next!

A woman wore bra at the gym for several days. See here what happened to her during the days she wore a bra at the gym!

This woman has been a fitness enthusiast since her teen years. However, she never had the courage to wear a bra at the gym,
not even during the most intense training.

One day, a friend of hers advised her to hit the gym in a bra. Since she was a flexible person, she hit the gym in a bra!

The woman appeared in the gym wearing a sports bra. She wasn’t self-conscious on the first day at the gym without a T-shirt because there were no people around.


The next day of her shirtless visit to the gym, the woman noticed that the gym was full of other fitness aficionados.
The same moment she stepped into the gym, people were pointing out at her subtly. She just ignored being stared at since she is a confident woman.

She enjoyed seeing a clear picture of working out her developed muscles which her sports bra enabled her.

However, something was still bugging her.


She was bugged by the fact that the elderly men at the gym were eating her with their eyes! However, she knew that they could only watch her.

Albeit she was being stared at, the woman enjoyed working out in a sports bra. Working out in a sports bra gave her a clear perception of how her body develops while training. That motivated her to work more intensely!

Here’s what she had to say about her sports bra experience at the gym:

“While I’d appreciate not being sexualized by dudes while I work out, and for our society to generally stop trying to dictate what’s appropriate for women to wear (do you think nipple-tank guy thinks twice about his gym outfit?), I’ll never let these things impact my gym time again. In its truest form, exercise is a celebration of ourselves; an ode to our bodies. So I’ll chase that rush of feel-good hormones however I please. Shirtless or not.”