Roadside Bomb Takes Both Legs & Arm Of Soldier. But Soon Learns ‘Nightmare’ Only Just Beginning

A roadside bomb takes the legs and arm of a soldier but he soon learns that the "nightmare" has only just begun.

In May 2011, Captain Greg Galeazzi was severely wounded while serving in Afghanistan, an injury that will change his whole life and move him into years of rehabilitation and recovery.

Cpt. Galeazzi was on his regular daily patrol, and while walking down the road, a roadside bomb detonated. Both legs were blown off, and his right arm was critically damaged, leaving him unable to use it.

His team quickly jumped into action, they loaded him into a helicopter, and flew him to safety. Sadly, there was no pain medicine available, so he shortly passed out from the pain.

“It felt like I was an empty coke can on train tracks getting hit by a freight train moving at 100 miles per hour,” said Galeazzi. After his traumatic injuries, he still had to go through mulitple and suffering months of pain.

Cpt. Galeazzi had to undergo more than 50 surgeries in those next few months. He also went through hours upon hours of physical therapy to get his arm back in working condition.

“You wake up and your life is catastrophically changed and there’s so much unknown ahead of you. I couldn’t imagine going through that alone,” Galeazzi stated. Even though he had an ocean of support, he still experienced some loneliness that was hard to get over.

He revealed that although he had friends during the day, he was alone duing the night, crying and wondering if his life would ever go back to normal. He was determined to make it through recovery and get back to his normal life, the life that he’s dreamed of.

Cpt. Galeazzi took medical classes while still recovering, and in two years, he had completely 18 courses. He was accepted to Harvard Medical School this March.

While attending his pre-med classes, he met Jazmine Romero who is now his fiancée. They are planning the get married sometime next year.