Remember Tiger Woods’ Wife From the 90s? Here’s What She Looks Like Now…

Here's what Tiger Woods' ex-wife looks like now...


Tiger Woods has found himself, once again, the subject of international headlines after being arrested for a DUI in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. This time, however, Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren‘s name isn’t also splattered across the news.

In fact, Sweden native Nordegren has grown notoriously private in the wake of her turbulent August 2010 divorce from the pro golfer. The previous couple, who wed in 2004, broke up after Woods became entangled in a shocking sex scandal as numerous women came forward claiming extramarital affairs with the athlete.

Nordegren, now 37, opened up to PEOPLE about the break up in 2014 from her south Florida home.

“I have moved on and I am in a good place,” said Nordegren – who has two kids – daughter Sam, 9, and son Charlie, 8 – with Woods. “My relationship with Tiger is centered around our children and we are doing really good – we really are – and I am so happy that is the case. He is a great father.”


Sharing that she made it through the tough time with the help of a therapist and focused on getting her degree from Rollins College, Nordegren said, “I’m not going to deny that I went through the ringer. But I don’t think I doubted we’d end up here. That was always my dream, that the kids can have two loving parents that show respect for each other. And I feel that’s what they have.”

Nordegren used part of her announced $100 million dollar divorce settlement from Woods to build a 21,000-sq.-ft. North Palm Beach mansion, where she now lives, just 30 minutes away from the Woods.

As Woods moved on romantically, so did Nordegren: she met coal magnate Chris Cline in 2011 when they became neighbors. Despite split rumors in 2014, Nordegren and Cline were seen kissing just over a year ago in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Though their current relationship status remains unclear, sources told PEOPLE in 2013, “They seem to have a lot in common. They both have children, like to keep their personal lives quiet, believe in philanthropy, and enjoy leisure outdoor activity. They have a nice casual relationship that has blossomed into a romance.”

Nordegren’s relationship with Woods has also increased drastically: he told Time in Dec. 2015, “She’s one of my best friends. We’re able to pick up the phone, and we talk to each other all the time. We both know that the most important things in our lives are our kids.”

Doubling down on his friendship statement during an October 2016 appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Woods added, “We have Sam and we have Charlie. And we love them so much that we are going to do whatever it takes to make that work.”

He continued, “She’s been one of my best friends and I’ve talked to her about so many different things and she does the same thing with me back and forth. We communicate so much better now, it’s incredible.”

Nordegren most recently made headlines in March, when she was ticketed for speeding in a 35 mph zone in her Florida hometown, reported the Miami Herald. Otherwise, the former model has kept her private life private – she has no public social media profiles and, so far, hasn’t discussed her ex-husband’s current debacle.