No One Wanted Baby With “Piercing Silver Eyes.” That’s When 1 Photo Changes Everything

This one picture changed everything...

Chris and Eryn Austin previously had a son and daughter as part of their beautiful family. But one day they saw something that would ultimately come to improve an already wonderful thing. They saw a picture of a little girl in China. It would change their lives forever. The Austins live in Braselton, Georgia. The second Eryn saw Primrose, something was triggered that would roll forward like a huge boulder down a hill, collecting positive momentum.

From the very beginning, they knew that Primose was intended to be with them and their family. They had no doubt they would do what they had to do.

It wasn’t easy cutting through all the red tape but don’t tell them they couldn’t do it. They flew around the globe to bring the 2-year-old home. Primrose is blind and can’t hear very well but as dad says, “that’s nothing to be sorry about.” Can you imagine what this little child thought about what was happening to her?

She was plucked from the only comfort zone she knew. Even though her life wasn’t the best, she had to wonder where they were taking her and who these people were. When she arrived she could hardly hold her head up, didn’t know how to take a bottle, and had no idea how it felt to have someone pay attention to her. She would make up for those things soon.

Little did she know she would have parents that would make her feel completely loved. Also, she would gain a big sister who gives the best hugs ever. She’d have a big brother to play with as well. Primrose was now part of a family she could have only fantasized about a short time ago.

The journey began with the Austins seeing a photo of Primrose: Eryn and Chris Austin knew she was the one. They knew they had to go get her, but others have asked “How did you know, how difficult was the decision to go?”

Eryn addressed that question in detail, providing an almost prayer-like response.

“You go when people think you’re crazy.
You go when you don’t even know the full diagnosis.
You go for your kids at home.
You go for your future grandkids.
You go for the Gospel.

You go to love.
You go to fight like hell.
You go to bring life.
You go to CHANGE A LIFE…” — Eryn Roush Austin (

Wow! It gives such vast comfort knowing that there are people such as the Austin family among us. They weren’t scared “to go” and make a difference in one little girl’s life despite all the work it would take. Through this shining example, they have surely touched many others as well. This should be one amazing Christmas for this amazing family.

The theme for their festive season jumps from the pages of the Bible. John 14:18 says, “I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you.” The Austin family has done just that.