Man With Two Faces Might Look Horrifyingly Impossible, But The Story Behind Is Even More Terrifying!

There was once a noble man who was born with an extreme deformity. He had two faces. Learn more about this man and his story here!

In the 19th century lived a man called Edward Mordake. Although he was noble, he was born with a severe deformity. Mordake was born with an extremely rare condition when people are born with two faces or more, which is known as diprosopus.

There is no exact version of Mordake’s story. His deformity occurred when the medical filed was still young. However, the story of Mordake passed through generations.

The story of this two-faced man is a mystery to this day to medical historians because no records of Mordake’s existence were ever found.

There are numerous stories about Mordake but they all begin the same way. Each story about Mordake begins with how he was the heir of an extremely rich and noble English family. He was a handsome, charming, and intelligent man when viewed from the front…but the face on the back of his head was wicked.

The existence of Mordake was proven to be genuine in Dr. George M. Gould and Dr. Walter L. Pyle’s publication, 1896 Medical Encyclopedia: Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine.

The mentioned publication claims that Mordake’s extra face wasn’t a wicked man but the face of a gorgeous girl who couldn’t speak and who was insidious in her actions.

Some versions of story about Edward Mordake claim that his evil twin could speak but that their voice wasn’t audible. However, Mordake was the only one who could hear what sinister things was his evil twin telling him.

Edward couldn’t stand anymore his evil twin so he decided to poison himself before he turned 24.

However, there is another version of the story how Mordake died. In the other version of the story of his death, Mordake dies by taking a bullet which got stuck between the eyes of his wicked twin.


The story of Mordake’s life and death was featured in numerous movies, plays, and even songs. However, there is no clear evidence that Mordake ever existed.

It’s only up to you to choose whether Mordake truly existed or he only existed in the mind of old wives of the 18th century.

Important Note: All of the photos of Mordake in this article are wax figures. Actual photos of Mordake were never found.