Man Told To Remove Make-Up At Work Gets Back At Bosses The Best Way Possible

A young man was told by his new bosses to remove his makeup. The man's response to the unreasonable order is everything. See here what he answered to his managers!

A young man was told to remove his make-up by his bosses. The man has slammed his new bosses, telling them they can’t “tone down a masterpiece.”

Scott Laplanche, a former employee at Currys PC World claims that he has been wearing make-up the whole time without anyone complaining about it.

“Actually, quite the opposite,” he wrote on a post to Facebook. “Some managers have supported me and complimented my make-up.”

However, Scott swears that since the new bosses have come in, they had a problem with him wearing his make-up.

Scott wrote: “Earlier on in the week I came to work as my fabulous self and was told to take off my makeup.”

Scott Laplanche/Guzelian

“I was quite shocked… After I refused, I’m getting told to tone it down? Excuse me? Tone it down? You can’t tone down a masterpiece.”

He added that this made him feel discriminated as his female colleagues weren’t told to remove their make-up.

Scott wrote the following: “Obviously, I’m not going to take off my makeup when all my other (female) colleagues are able to come to work as their fabulous selves.”

Facebook/Scott Laplanche/Guzelian

“I might understand if my hair was dyed bright red (oh which some of my colleagues have) I might understand if I had bright blue eye liner on (oh which some of my colleagues do) I might understand if I came to work with bright green lipstick on (I’d be worried if any of my colleagues did) (btw every colleague is looking fabulous with their own look- I’m just illustrating my point).”

Scott finished his Facebook status by saying: “”But guess what, this is 2017, a time of year where we celebrate Pride throughout summer and I look hella hot so deal with it! It’s wrong to blatantly discriminate for whatever reason that may be.”

A PR manager from Currys PC World said this to the Mirror about the whole event: “This was a local store level misunderstanding that is being dealt with internally. Scott takes pride in his appearance and Currys PC World is proud of its diverse workforce.”