Is This The Most Isolated Tribe In The World?

What is the lifestyle and behavior like for this isolated tribe? Will it ever evolve?

Welcome to the hope of the Sentinelese tribe, located on an island in the remote Andaman Islands of India. They’ve been on the island for about 55,000 years. The tribe has had very little contact with the outside world, and attempts to kill anyone that comes close to the island.

If you try to challenge this, they will shoot arrows and spears, and throw rocks. Yes, they do this to aircrafts as well as boats. They killed two fisherman off the coast back in 2006.

It was reported by The Daily Mail that this might be the most isolated tribe in the world. The Indian Government has banned anyone from going within three miles of the coast and has warned fisherman to stay clear of it. The government has made several attempts to communicate with the tribe, but has only received hostility and violence in return. The government decided to leave them to their own devices since they have thrived for so long without help.

After the 2004 tsunami that hit the island, they attempted to check in on the tribal people, but rescuers only received hostility, and determined that at least some of the tribal members survived. They’re not sure how many actually survived, and say it could be between a few dozen to a few hundred.

The only photographs of the island and its people are of poor quality, since they had to be taken at a safe distance.