Insanely Terrifying Footage Captures A 100-Foot Wave Crashing Into Ship

This terrifying footage of a 100 foot wave hitting a ship will make your heart race.

There are numerous reasons why people hate the ocean. But those same reasons are why many of us enjoy it.

The idea that there’s a deep void of pity black nothing joined with the unimaginable creatures that live in Earth’s waters are just a few reason to love the ocean, as is the random nature of the water.

This 100ft wave, in the North Sea, is a perfect situation of that unpredictability. Footage from the top deck of the ship catches the wild wave mounting over the vessel, before crashing down on it.

Most people would be horrified by what’s in front of them, but the man behind the camera couldn’t care any less. In fact, he absolutely loves it.

“That’s.. awesome,” he yells, as he comes face-to-face with approaching doom.

As the wave crashes, it almost consumes the entire ship, which, thanks to its size is able to rise above the strength of the wave. Had it been any smaller, the story may have been pretty different.