If You’ve Got A Cowlick It Means Something Pretty Extraordinary About Your Genes

If you've got a cowlick that could mean something pretty extraordinary about your genes.

There’s one particular hair-related problem that’s so common, everybody from Brad Pitt to Victoria’s Secret Angels has it.

I’m of course speaking of cowlicks. Cowlicks usually happen around your hairline or at the crown of your head and can mean hours of frustration in front of a mirror.

If you feel like you’re battling a losing fight against cowlicks, don’t worry – because a team of researchers have found a potential link between cowlicks and the cancer-fighting properties of a particular gene.

That’s right – your irritating hairdo could actually mean your body is better at fighting cancer than people with perfectly straight tresses.

Cowlicks can only happen with the presence of something called polarity genes.

In a study led by Michigan State University, researchers found that these genes are controlled by a protein that plays an important role in fighting cancer.

The tumour-suppressing protein is part of a big family of helpful cells that control cell reproduction, DNA repair, and cellular self-destruction. These are all beneficial tools your body uses daily to fight cancer.

When researchers added this protein to a collection of fruit flies, they saw the hair on the insects become unkempt, leading to cowlicks. The high level of genetic similarity between fruit flies and humans means that this protein reasonably plays a similar role in humans.

Image via Viral Thread

If scientists can confirm their conclusions, it could lead to the development of a whole new range of cancer-fighting chemotherapy treatments that would rebuild the protein’s magical suppressor capabilities.

Here’s a video on how you can tame a cowlick: