Homeless boy approaches car to beg for change until he peeks inside

This homeless boy approaches a vehicle to beg for change, but when he looks inside, he's speechless.

Many well-off people look at poor people with suspicion.

They believe that people asking for money on the streets are criminals or thieves on the watch for anything they can get their fingers on.

But in reality, people living in poverty often turn out to be more fair and empathic than those who have comfortable lives.

An example of this is a young boy named John Thuo. He lives in Nairobi, Kenya, where like several other poor kids, he used to beg for money on the roads.

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John Thou used to spend his days on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya asking for money. It’s something that irritates many drivers because they think that the beggars are probably likely thieves.

However, John Thuo showed that he’s not only not a thief, but he also has a heart and soul of gold.

One day, the boy was out begging when he approached a vehicle to ask for money. But when he looked within, John was struck by something unexpected he saw.

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The driver of the car was hooked up to machines and tubes and breathing oxygen out of a tank. The woman’s name was Gladys Kamande. She’s 32 years old, and she told John that her lungs had collapsed, so she couldn’t breathe correctly and had to carry the oxygen tanks with her in order to stay alive.

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John was shocked to see that in spite of his poverty, there are people in the universe who are worse off than he is—because they don’t even have their health and energy.

Moved to tears, John offered Gladys all the cash that he’d got in that day and held her hand through the window.

A passerby noticed the event, took some pictures, and told the story on the web. And within a few short days, the story had gone viral and triggered a chain of events that would change both John and Gladys’ lives permanently.

After Gladys’ story spread, thousands of gifts or donations have poured in. In total, generous strangers contributed $80,000 to allow her to travel to India and receive treatment.

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And how is John doing, you may ask? Well, after all of the recognition he received on social media, he was eventually rescued from the streets and fostered into a loving home.

The woman who adopted him, Nissy Wambugu, also provided him the opportunity to start studying!

In the end, John’s display of kindness helped not just Gladys—but also provided him a mother and a place to stay forever.

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