Here’s The Photo That Landed This Pregnant Mom In Hot Water (Photo)

A young Instagram star shocked the world with her newest Instagram photos. See what was the woman posting on Instagram that shocked the world.

Hannah Polites, aged 24, is one of the biggest stars on Instagram. This woman became even more popular on Instagram for her controversial approach to her first pregnancy.

Hannah is one of the most followed fitness celebrities on Instagram with a following of more than 1 million Instagram users. Just recently, Hannah posted a few pictures that were mostly perceived in a negative way. People negatively reacted to Hannah’s photos in which she looks quite fit for a pregnant woman.


People were baffled by Hannah’s fit shape in her last trimester. Some Instagram users were boorish enough to comment that she is killing her unborn child.

However, Polites didn’t pay much attention to negative comments as she paid attention to positive comments. People all around the globe, especially expecting moms, congratulated on her great looks despite being in the last trimester.

One mom from Australia wrote a comment that encouraged Polites to keep on posting photos. “You look terrific and healthy, so what if your bump is small,” the supportive mom from Australia wrote.

Hannah isn’t the only fitness star that has been condemned for her small bump and figure during pregnancy. Her colleague, Ashy Bines also reported that she was scrutinized the same way as her friend Hannah Polites was.


To make the negative comments she didn’t pretty much care about stop, Hannah announced that both she and her baby are doing fine. She even admitted that her fetus is by 20 percent larger than average at six months.

Polites also told the media that her life may be confronting for some women because it highly differs from their lives, but that she is proud of what she is and that she believes that every pregnant woman is special in her own way.

In the end, we only wish Hannah lots of luck with her pregnancy and lots of joy with her anticipation!