Guy Gets Revenge On Bully By Sleeping With His Mum And Reveals All Live On Air

This guy got the best revenge on his bully...

There are a plethora of ways how one can get revenge on a bully. Some people like to get revenge quickly but efficiently, while other people go by that old saying “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

But this one Boston guy was just pure savage. He got revenge on his bully that he’ll remember for entire life.

Here’s the story of how this guy from Boston called Rob revenge on his bully:

The Picta

Rob went on a name with a woman called Arielle. The two of them had a great time together although she was 20 years older than him. Arielle became worried for Rob not calling her for a second date.

That’s when she decided to call a local radio station and told the hosts to tell Rob to get in touch with her again. She admitted to Hot96.9 Boston the date went smooth and they had a perfect time in bed.

However, Arielle’s plan got backfired when her lover Rob got on the air.

The radio hosts called Rob to ask him will he give another chance to Arielle, but he said the following: “I can’t believe this is actually happening right now, this is hilarious. Look this is going to make me sound like a huge asshole, but whatever.

“So this was all kind of a revenge thing. Like, I saw her online and I recognized her last name and it turns out her son actually used to bully the shit out of me. And so I figured if I could duck his mum, I would rub it in his face.”

The radio hosts were in shock, while the mom of Rob’s bully said: “Are you serious? You’re friends with Sam?”

Rob replied to that with: “No, I’m not friends with your a**hole son. Look I don’t know if you cared what he was doing, but he was a total prick to me and he ruined my life. And now I’m going to return the favor.”


Arielle said that Rob’s revenge was a sinister act. However, Rob said: “I can’t wait to tell him that you called a radio station because you wanted to see me again that bad. This is too perfect.”

Arielle, heartbroken, said that because of the savagery he did, Rob “deserved” the bullying by her son.

Rob didn’t stop with his savageness, he told Arielle: “I plan on sending your son a text with two words that says ‘I win’ and then when he says ‘why’, it’s going to be that picture that I took of you.”

He added that the photo features Arielle in a compromising position. She was genuinely shocked by the fact Rob had a picture of her nude. That’s when Arielle told that she’ll put Rob in jail for taking photos of her nude without her consent.


Rob responded to that with: “You were making direct eye contact with it. Don’t pretend you didn’t know it was happening.”

That pissed off Arielle so she said: “Let Sam see you and he’ll beat your a** again.” Rob just laughed at that and said: “I don’t think so. I’ve been taking Krav Maga, so if he comes anywhere near me, I’ll kick the shit out of him after ducking his mum.”


Well, that what we like to call savage!