Guy Fills Bathtub With 500 Lbs Of Liquid Glass Putty & Immediately Regrets Going In

Would you ever do this?

At first look, this video is something most guys with totally immature senses of humor would dig. This is Jackass-style hijinks.

Essentially, the dudes at Vat 29 filled up a bathtub with liquid glass putty. That’s 500lbs of clear, sticky putty. Why? Because they could.

They have a lot of putty, clearly, and what else are you gonna do but stupid pranks. These guys have already dropped 100lbs of magnetic putty off a roof.

So, this looked like a logical next step. Here’s the deal: they fill a tub and one of their friends draws the short straw and has to get in.

Thrive in the gooeyness of the putty, if you will. Fortunately, he had the brains to shave before submerging into this goo.

Imagine getting in here with a full body of adult man hair, that would be like the worst bikini wax of all time.