Girl Bullied For ‘Droopy Face’ Caused By Tumor Has Life-Changing Surgery

A girl born with a rare condition that made half of her face droopy underwent a major surgery. Nobody calls her "Droopy Face" anymore. Find out here how she looks now!

Humans are the only species who don’t accept uniqueness and diversity. Everything that is unique and different is weird to people. That is something a young girl from Nova Scotia experienced her whole life – nobody accepted her for she was different and unique.

This is Sarah Atwell, a Nova Scotia native, at the age of 7. You can obviously see that there’s something wrong with the half of her face.

Tara MacAskill

Sarah’s face isn’t symmetrical as the face of other people because she was born with a rare condition called Neurofibromatosis.

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Sarah’s condition caused benign tumors to grow on her nerve endings. The tumor that was growing on her face completely ruined her looks. To make things worse, the doctors told Sarah’s parents that they aren’t willing to operate the tumor on Sarah’s face.

The Chronicle Herald

That left Sarah desperate. The only thing that left her more desperate than the fact her tumor is inoperable is bullying. She was subject to bullying by her schoolmates.

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She even posted a video on Facebook explaining her condition so she could make the bullying stop.


The video led to the change of heart in her bullies. Sarah gained massive support from every part of the world.


Andrew Nock

The best thing Sarah’s video led to is Dr. Steven Morris, a specialist in plastic surgery, getting in touch with Sarah. Sarah felt elated the day Dr. Morris contacted her. She knew a change is going to come.

Andrew Nock

Dr. Morris told Sarah that her surgery would be risky and that he needs her consent to operate her face.
She gave her consent immediately.

Huffington Post UK

Sarah leaving for the operating room…

Huffington Post UK

Sarah’s surgery was tough, but she luckily survived it. The surgery changed her looks completely, but it didn’t change her beautiful spirit.

Sarah can forget this face because…

NY Daily News

…she looks like this now: