Genius Engineers Just Built A Real-Life Transformer: From BMW To Robot

Transformers aren't just a work of fiction; they have become a reality as several scientists introduced the world's first Transformer car. Read about this amazing car here!

A group of Turkish scientists has just recently created the very first Transformer car. This car has the ability to transform from car mode to robot mode and the other way around.

So yeah, there’s much more to this luxurious BMW car than what meets our eyes!

The transformer in disguise: This luxurious BMW sports car can transform into an enormous robot.


This gorgeous car was built by a team of 12 engineers of the Letrons Company. The company engineers came to an idea to build this car while they were brainstorming for a futuristic car. It took the Letrons Company’s engineers 8 months to build this stunning car.

This transforming car was built from an actual BMW sports car. The car was built in Ankara, Turkey by 12 engineers.


The only downside to this Transformer car is that it isn’t drivable yet. You can only control this car via remote control. However, the engineers at the Letrons Company have promised that they will make their Transformer car drivable in the next few years.

It is worth mentioning that this Transformer car isn’t able to fly, walk or punch like a real Transformer. Despite that fact, the car still looks badass.

The car isn’t drivable yet and people can only control it via remote control.


The question is, Are Transformer cars available for sale?

Yes, they are. However, to purchase one, you will need to meet the criteria of the company who made the Transformer car.

You can only buy the Letron Company’s Transformer car if you meet their criteria.


The price of a single Transformer car is $600,000!