Former Spice Girl Mel B Has Only $1266 Left Of Her $50 Million Fortune

Mel B, former member of the Spice Girls, only has $1266 of her $50 Million fortune!

Mel B, Ex-member of Spice Girls, Melanie Brown, has reportedly lost her fortune after it was announced that the pop star has a small £961 left in her Spice Girls bank account.

Mel B is currently entangled in a vicious court battle with her soon-to-be-ex-hubby, Stephen Belafonte. The news of Mel B’s financial distress came after court papers were laid bare during divorce procedures.

It is declared that Brown has an affinity for living the “extravagant lifestyle,” spending her $50 million fortune accumulated during her days with the Spice Girls, leaving her close to destitute.

In a statement by The Mirror, the small amount of money that she has is banked in a British account under the name of Moneyspider Productions.

The Spice Girls Limited brand is owned by the each of the former pop group members, with Mel B owning 20 percent of a total amount of £109,987 ($144,907), as of 2016.

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Mel B is stated to be earning around £147,000 ($190,000) and £150,000 ($198,000) per month at the moment. Whereas Belafonte is stated to be earning no income at all. Belafonte wants backdated wages amounting to £90,000 ($120,000), as well as £1,729 ($2,300) in perks, and £54,000 ($71,000) in spousal aid. Belafonte has also asked for at least £150,000 ($198,000) to cover all of his legal costs.

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Mel B was able to obtain a temporary restraining order against Belanfonte after she declared mental and physical harm. She also mentioned Belanfonte’s alleged links to the pornography industry, and a claimed affair with her husband and their nanny, Lorraine Gilles, who became pregnant as a conclusion.

Stephen denies all of Mel B’s claims and thinks that he is being set up to look like the “bad guy.”

Both Mel B and Belafonte will join their lawyers as they head back to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse on Wednesday for Judge Riff’s judgment.