Fitness Blogger Reveals Her Hairy Legs And Armpits, After Not Shaving Them For Years

A popular fitness blogger decided not to shave her legs for years because she didn't want modern beauty standards to dictate her life choices. See how she looks now here!

A popular fitness blogger by the name Morgan Mikenas decided that modern beauty standards won’t dictate her life so she stopped to shave her body hair.

Mikenas did this without any financial interest whatsoever. She even uploaded a video to YouTube which she entitled “Why I don’t shave.” In that 12-minute long video, Mikenas explains why she ditched razor.

El Salvador Times

Morgan said in her video: “I’m very passionate about my body hair, and how the decision of not to shave them has really helped me to inspire other people into embracing natural beauty.”

She has nearly 7,000 followers on Instagram which she keeps updated with her extraordinary fitness regime.


She recalled one incident that occurred when she was only 11. It was PE class and Morgan’s PE teacher wasn’t around so her classmates made fun of her hairy legs.

Morgan said, “I get so upset with these bullies and use to ran straight away home to my mom crying and asking if she could teach me how to shave.”

However, this wasn’t the only incident when people made fun of her hairy legs.

She was working in a daycare center and one day she took her pupils to a swimming class. Morgan’s little students were pointing at her hairy legs and making fun of them.

Mikenas found herself sad because the children as young as five years old already knew the modern beauty standards.

Morgan Mikenas said, “What does that say if that is how these kids are being taught?”


She said that she shaved her legs in the past because that would make her feel attractive and feminine. However, today she doesn’t shave and feels attractive even though she has body hair.

‘Why would I remove something that mother nature has put on our bodies,’ Morgan said.


Morgan’s boyfriend is totally supports her bold decision not to shave her body hair. He even finds her more attractive and natural with body hair!

We think that it’s a refreshing thing to see girls such as Morgan who stood up and challenged the modern beauty rules. We hope that Morgan’s confidence will inspire other girls to feel beautiful as they are.