End Of The World ‘In 3 Days’ As Rare Black Moon Event ‘Triggers Armageddon’

Doomsday is closer than ever before...

A rare so-called Black Moon event that will occur on August 21 and which will be visible from the United States is said to be a precursor to Doomsday.

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The event is, instead of being appreciated and awed, feared by the Evangelical Christians.

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They believe that the so-called Great American Eclipse and Black Moon are a warning that the Rapture is coming soon.

Paul Begley, a pastor and self-admitted YouTube conspiracy theorist claims that the upcoming Black Moon and the Great American Eclipse are a prophecy come true.


Begley told the followers of his word to say goodbye to we world they live in as the Doomsday is coming in a couple of days.

He bases his claims on a Biblical verse from the Book of Joel which says:

The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.


What do you think, does Begley have a point or he’s just another Armageddon theorist in a row? Well, we’ll find that out soon as tomorrow is August 21, the day the “prophetic” Black Moon and the Great American Eclipse will occur.