Eminem Doesn’t Really Look Like Eminem Anymore and Fans Don’t Know What To Think

Stans don't know what to think about Eminems' new appearance...

Truth be told, I’m a big fan of Eminem. Mr. Mather’s look hasn’t changed that much through the years.


He’s pretty much always been the bleached-blonde, clean-shaven Slim Shady that we’ve all come to love (or hate). Even though he’s 44 years old, he still looks kind of like a kid. There was a time, though, when he was pretty much unrecognizable thanks in part to a weight gain that saw him balloon up to 230 pounds.


Thankfully he was able to go through rehab, include fitness into his life, and turn things around. Now he’s got a new look again, but this time it’s just from the neck up…

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?


Yes, Eminem has abandoned the blonde and gone brown, adding in some scruffy facial hair, to boot. He was spotted rocking the new look at the premiere of The Defiant Ones in L.A., and I think it looks pretty good.

Eminem posted the picture of himself alongside fellow music legends Dr. Dre and Kendrick Lamar, captioning the photo, “Just a couple of guys from Compton and one from Detroit. With a beard. #thedefiantones”

But what do fans think?

They were pretty split, although I would have liked to have seen a poll about the hair color, so it goes. Comments ranged from “Eminem with a beard is one of the more disturbing mundane things you’ll see this week” to “I clicked on ‘shave’ but don’t really care as long as he feels comfortable to make and DROP new music.”

But some people were, as they say, “shook.”