Conor McGregor’s Insane Bet For His Fight With Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor just dropped a huge bet on himself for the upcoming fight with Mayweather...

Conor McGregor leaks confidence, that’s no secret. But even now, in anticipation of going up against the best boxer of our generation in Floyd Mayweather, a man who is 49-0, that has not broken the UFC star’s self-assurance.

McGregor was doing his normal trash-talking in the press tour heading up to the fight and despite him being the firm outside bet, The Irishman reckons it’s his destiny to hit Mayweather off his perch and prevent him from reaching 50-0.

The ‘Notorious’ has taken on the ‘Mystic Mac’ tag after his foresight going into some of his big fights have been eerily accurate, and before the biggest challenge of his career against ‘Money’, he said: “I will knock this man outside inside four rounds.”

The Dubliner is so confident that he will provide the biggest upset in boxing history on August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas that he is reportedly talking about placing a one million Euro bet on himself to win the fight, and is urging his family and friends to do the same as it’s ‘easy money’.

“Conor is as confident as ever ahead of his fight and he’s prepared to put his money where his mouth is,” a source a close to McGregor told the Irish Sun. “The message to his friends and family has been simple from Conor, he’s telling them to get rich off his back.

“He has told a lot of people to back him if they want to earn some easy money. “They will have been reassured by the fact that he says he’s putting €1 million on himself to win, that’s how confident he is. “We know how accurate Conor’s predictions have been in the past and that’s why people close to him will find his tip hard to ignore.”

The €1 million sum is, of course, peanuts to McGregor given that he’s fixing to rake in an enormous fortune from gate receipts and box office buys from the mega-bout, but it seems he is genuinely fixed on the idea that he is going to emerge victorious despite the huge uphill challenge.

Will McGregor do the business or will Mayweather make ‘easy work’ of his 50th professional opponent?