Can You Guess What Is Very Wrong With This Photo Of The Royal Family?

Take a look at Princess Charlotte...

Following the tradition, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge published a perfectly brand new photograph of their beautiful family – sending out greetings to the people.

But something seems hastily out of place in the photo which indeed looks perfect at first glance! Check out the photo here, and see if you could spot it!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Will and Kate, released a lovely picture of their family on Friday. And at first glance, it does look perfect!

But is it actually so unquestionably perfect? Let’s zoom in a bit…

In fact, let’s zoom in even further…

THERE! What’s going on with Princess Charlotte?

Damn! That’s a pressing question!

Now check this out: her head’s flawlessly focused, but the area around it… well, not so much!

No dude, you’re clearly not alone!

It’s not just you! We’re all thinking the same exact thing!

Just to be fair, it’s not like we think the princess is anything less than a doll!

Just look at her! She’s just oozing with cuteness!

We understand if the Princess wasn’t cooperating when the picture was being taken. After all, she’s just a baby!