“America’s Got Talent” Star Contestant Dies In Tragic Car Crash

This America's Got Talent contestant dies in a tragic car wreck before his episode airs.

A very gifted America’s Got Talent contestant, whose talent for singing made him an immediate standout, was involved in a fatal automobile accident over the weekend.

Sadly, the remarkable performance of AGT contestant Dr. Brandon Rogers, 29, hasn’t aired yet [before he had passed away].

Dr. Brandon Rogers Was A Highly Talked About Contestant On America’s Got Talent

After covering Boyz II Men’s hit tune “On Bended Knee” on his Instagram, producers of the talent show reached out to Brandon to ask him to think about auditioning.

Boyz II Men also took note of Brandon and even asked him to sing onstage with them during one of their recent shows.

His Soulful Voice Had Amazing Star Quality

Image via Instagram

It was a truly a dream for Brandon to be able to sing with his dream idols. He shared the performance on Instagram and titled the post: “This past weekend has been nothing short of amazing!! Sharing the stage with my idols…literally a dream come true!! Thank you SO much to 3 of the dopest most insanely talented singers ever @BoyzIIMen!!”

Producers Of America’s Got Talent Reached Out To The Skilled Young Doctor To Audition

Heartbroken Friends And Family Have Offered Their Condolences On Brandon’s Instagram Page

Image via Instagram