8 Things Everyday Objects Have Been Hiding From You!

I bet you didn't know these everyday objects were hiding something from you...

The tab that you use to open a can of soda can also be used as a straw holder so it doesn’t swivel around when you’re trying to make it meet your mouth.

Those holes in the sides of converse aren’t just a design, they are there for ventilation. Some people also believe that because the shoes were first designed for basketball, the holes were used by looping the laces through them for a tighter fit.

That little arrow beside the gas gauge on your vehicle’s dashboard is there to tell you which side of the car the gas cap is on, so you don’t accidentally park on the wrong side of the pump.

Why are those little bumps raised above the ‘F’ and ‘J’ keys on a keyboard? In 10-finger typing, these bumps indicate where you rest your index fingers. They are considered “home keys,” and it’s easier to touch-type by knowing the layout of the keys.

You know that hole at the end of your pot? They aren’t only used to be hung, but they can also hold that messy spoon while you’re cooking up a storm.

This one doesn’t make much sense, who actually eats tic-tacs individually? Either way, the dispenser is supposed to make it so you can eat one at a time, USELESS?

Many people have thought for years that the hole on the top of a ballpoint pen cap is to keep the pen from drying out or to keep the pen from leaking.

But it turns out the hole is actually there to prevent young children from suffocating in the case that they chew/swallow the cap. It keeps air flowing even if they inadvertently swallow!

The little hole has been created mechanically only to let the excess dirt or water pass through it. These are drain holes that let the moisture drain out because padlocks are mostly placed outdoors. It is also necessary when you have to pour the oil for lubrication purposes.