7 Most Unsafe Countries For Women In The World

These seven countries are the more unsafe for women.

1. Kenya

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Women only get a tiny portion of their income although this country is known for high rates of agricultural production. Women’s educational projections are insane and although they’re skilled at an inferior level. HIV is also a pretty serious problem here as they can’t control their private life.

2. The Democratic Republic of Congo

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Studies show that Congo has the worst records for gender-related violence and around 1.150 women are abused every single day, which adds up to nearly 420,000 women each year. The health there is poor as well, as about 50% of women that are pregnant are testified to be anemic.

3. India

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Statistically speaking, there are over fifty million cases of female abortion in this area over the past thirty years. Women are not safe here because of all the violence, even though India is the largest populated area in the world.

4. Columbia

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In 2015, there were around 45,000 cases of domestic violence in Columbia. It is a no brainer that this country is one of the most dangerous for women because it has the highest rate of acid attacks on women.

5. Mexico

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Between 2011-2012, there were 4,000 cases of missing women. The legal structure here does not guard against domestic violence and assault.

6. Afghanistan

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Nearly 70-80% of women here are forced into marriage at a young age (around 15-19 years old) and about 87% of the women are uneducated. About 87% of the woman population in this country is uneducated. Afghanistan also has a large level of domestic violence cases with a maternal death ratio of 400:100,000.

7. Pakistan

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More than one thousand girls become victims of “honor killings” that happen each year, mostly in the tribal areas where educations is very limited, and a large number of them face domestic violence. They are also forced into marriages mostly at early ages and are also punished with stoning and acid attacks.