25 Terrible Celebrity Photoshop Fails That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Celebrities also fail at Photoshop. See here some of the funniest and most terrible celebrity Photoshop fails ever!

Celebrities strive to look perfect on photos so they sometimes use Photoshop to hide their imperfections. However, they sometimes make their imperfections even worse with Photoshop!

Let’ see here some of the worst celebrity Photoshop fails that will make you LOL:

1. Horse Face Will Always be a Horse Face

Aunty Acid

2. Mariah’s Skin is so Smooth!

Aunty Acid

3. Where are Your Legs?

Aunty Acid

4. Adam, Where is the Rest of Your Stomach?

Aunty Acid

5. Fat Pop Princess


6. She Looks Taller, Doesn’t She?

Instagram/Meghan Trainor

7. Well-Endowed


8. Nice Wrinkles, Gwen!

Aunty Acid

9. Amber Rose’s Real Body

TWC Central

10. OMG

HELLO! Fashion Magazine

11. What did You do to Those Stairs, Queen Bee?


12. Courtney’s Hands are Weird

Aunty Acid

13. Theory Confirmed: Kanye is a Vampire

Aunty Acid

14. Unrecognizable Madonna

Modern Readers

15. Kris Has Been Under a Lot of Stress Lately


16. Photoshop Gurls



17. Jennifer, What they did to You?


18. Queen B’s Flawless Face

Bored Panda

19. Random Asian Celebrity


20. Britney Has a Nice Belly


21. Rachel Got so Old!


22. Beyonce and Her Photoshop Fails Again

Her Campus

23. You Can Only Become a Model for Ralph Lauren if You Have Enormous Hands

London City Guide

24. Mrs. Smith

Photoshop Failed

25. What Happened to Her Fingers?

Aunty Acid