2 Sisters Noticed A Guy’s Wife Txting Another Man & Stepped In To Help

Two sisters Brynn and Delana went to the long-awaited Atlanta Braves game. They seated behind a married couple. Then, they noticed that the wife was doing something fishy on her phone. See what the sisters saw the wife was doing!

Everyone who attends a baseball game expects it to be a fun and enjoyable thing.

The most dramatic thing that might happen during a game of baseball is a stray foul ball hitting you in the face.

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Sisters Delana and Brynn walked into Atlanta Braves’ main stadium thinking that they were just going to enjoy an awesome game.

It was a sunny day filled with some professional sports – what in the world could ever go wrong?


After settling down in their seats, the sisters noticed some fishy business going on with the couple seated in front of them.

More precisely, they noticed that the woman was doing something weird.

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The wife was intently messaging next to her husband, but the sisters took a closer look.

Like, why in the world would you text during an awesome baseball game? And why would you text someone when your hubby is seated next to you?

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It was all clear — the wife was sexting with someone.

Look closely at the photo. Did you see the words “naked” and “laying on the ground?”

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The woman even perfectly spells out her lover’s name in the message.

She used the hilarious decoy name “Nancy” so her husband wouldn’t suspect her faithfulness.

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They girls started writing a long note containing details what they saw so that they could give it to the lady’s husband.

These sisters are brave! You never know how a person will react when receiving horrible news like this…


“Your wife is cheating on you,” read the not. “Look at the messages under Nancy! Sorry, just thought you should know!”

The sisters also provided a phone number to call if the man’s wife happened to speedily delete the steamy messages.

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The cheating wife’s hubby texted the sisters after the game.

The wife probably deleted the messages so he wanted the girls to send him the pictures of his wife in the act to make sure that they weren’t lying.


You never know. Maybe Delana and Brynn just saved this guy from a lot of emotional pain in the future.

What are your thoughts? Was this what the sisters did a right thing to do? Would it be better if they just ignored what was happening in front of them?

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