18 True Tweets Showing That Relationships Can Be Strange

Relationships are sometimes strange and these hilarious tweets justify that!

Beginning of every relationship is pretty much normal. You’re all over head over heels with your partner and everything seems to be perfect. However, as time passes, every relationship becomes weirder and weirder.

Here are 18 tweets that show that relationships can sometimes be strange:

1. Comfort Yourself with that Extra Taco!

© twitter/xLiserx

2. A Man and His Wife Never Think the Same

© twitter/KalvinMacleod

3. Tell Me About It

© twitter/AdamBroud

4. Do Dog Words = Wife Words?

© twitter/rockymomax

5. What Are You?


6. He Doesn’t Like the Latter One Only

© twitter/SondraDeeMe

7. Making the Wife Angry: Level Pro

© twitter/XplodingUnicorn

8. The Misunderstanding

© twitter/ramblinma

9. Not the Kind of Marriage I Would Want

© twitter/TwoSapphiresBlu

10. Who’s the One to be Blamed?


11. She Governs Your Life

© twitter/XplodingUnicorn

12. Thank God It Isn’t Ours!

© twitter/XplodingUnicorn

13. OK

© twitter/moooooog35

14. She Will Spend Her Married Life Listening to her Husband Coughing

© twitter/bourgeoisalien

15. LOL

© twitter/wife_housy

16. Stirring Mac and Cheese Under Covers


17. I Bought You a Panda!


18. The Sad Truth