20 life hacks that could land you in jail

There are a plethora of of unethical life hacks that could land you in jail. Find out what unethical life hacks you can implement in your life with an extra caution!

1. Getting the Customer Service Operator Immediately


Isn’t there anything more irritating than when you call a customer service, they put you on hold, and start playing music? Well, there’s a way to avoid that and reach for a customer service operator immediately!

Here’s how: Once that annoying music starts to play, start to swear. You will immediately get a live operator.

2. Getting an Easy A+

Test Grade

Getting that A+ for an essay has never been easier. Google the most relevant and suitable article. Copy the article.

Open Google Translate and paste the article into it. Convert the article into the French language or any other foreign language. After that, just translate the text back again into English.

3. Buying an Item Online for Less Than Original Price

The Tribune

This hack will only work on online stores. You have to somehow hack the online store you want to buy a product from for a lower price.

Once you hacked the website, place an advert of the product you found at a more affordable price. Order the product. Once you have ordered the product, just delete the advert you posted.

4. Getting Out of Parking Tickets

Ticket Snipers

If you don’t want to pay that parking ticket, you only have to shoot a photo of another vehicle near your vehicle with a parking ticket. You can use this photo as “evidence” in court.

5. Free Money Everywhere

Time Out

If you are flat broke and you need some quick cash, only one visit to your local thrift store could make you stand on your feet. While in a thrift store, go to a stall where jeans and other items with pockets are displayed. Search pocket by pocket and you will hopefully find some money.

6. Free Resumes


You want a great resume but don’t have money to pay a professional to make one for you? No problem. You can get great resumes for free!

Upload a job vacancy that’s in your domain online. People will immediately start sending you their resumes. Once you get enough resumes, choose the best ones and create a mash-up resume.

7. Free ATM Cash


To get free cash from an ATM, you will have to put the machine in operating mode. How do you do that? Well, you will need to figure out somehow the machine’s six-digit code which puts it in operating mode.

Good luck with that!

8. Getting Extra Snacks from a Vending Machine for Free

Tokyo Excess – blogger

Want free snacks from a vending machine? Well, that’s easy as pie! You only have to press the door of the vending machine before your snack falls down.

Pressing the machine’s door will confuse it and get you a free snack!

9. Free Starbucks Drinks

Wise Bread

Wait in line at a Starbucks counter. Wait until someone takes their order and leaves Starbucks. After that, go to the barista and tell that the person who just left the shop got your order.

This may confuse the Starbucks barista and get you a free drink! However, this could also land you in jail so be careful!

10. Discount at Chipotle

ABC News

Choose to pay the rest of your Chipotle order with a debit card that has insufficient funds. Chipotle employees will in that case either not give you your order or give you a discount by not taking the rest of the amount you had to pay.

11. Student Discounts


You can still use your Student ID after you graduate for some awesome student discounts!

12. Cents at Laundy Machines


Some laundry machines can accept pennies instead of quarters thinking they are pennies. So if you want a $3 wash for only $0.10 you just have to insert a couple of cents in the laundry machine.

13. Buying Clothes for Free

Cruise Critic

If you need formal clothes for free, here’s a trick how to get them: Buy the clothes. Wear them to an event. Return them the next day to the store you bought them at.

Make sure that the clothes you are about to return are flawless.

14. Free E-Books

Guides Alphabetically – at Framingham High School – LibGuides

Purchase an E-Book. Make a copy of it in a third-party software. Return the original and request a refund.

This way you can always get free E-books!

15. Organic Fruits at an Affordable Price


Pick up the best organic fruits at a self-service grocery store. Then go to the weighing station and while weighing your organic fruits just press the inorganic option.

You’ll get organic fruits for the price of inorganic fruits!

16. Free Breakfast Buffet at a Hotel


To eat free breakfast from a buffet at any hotel in the world, you only have to walk in a hotel and act as you belong there. You can get away with this easily, but you still need to be careful that the hotel employees don’t notice you.

18. Arm Rest Hack

Business Insider

If you don’t want other people to use the armrest you have mentally claimed, just cough on the armrest and no one will want to use that armrest but you.

19. Free Channels


Want more channels on your TV for free? To get more channels, you only have to contact your TV provider that you want to cut off your subscription. Your TV provider will offer you some free TV channels to not see you cut off subscription.

Repeat the process a couple of times.

20. Skipping the Lines

Frugal Mouse

If you hate waiting in the lines at the Disney World or anywhere else, there’s a trick to avoid waiting in the lines for hours.

You only need some spare cash and no shame to never wait in the lines again. What you have to do is to find a handicapped person and offer them some money to accompany you in the line.