15 Things That Fall Right Between NOPE And WAT

See here some perfect examples of life situations to whom you will react with both NOPE and WAT! These photos are so NOPE and WAT big time!

We represent you some of the weirdest things people all around the world have encountered that fall somewhere between NOPE and WAT. These things will make you indecisive will you react to them with a NOPE or WAT:

1. Who Said That Snakes Have No Legs?


2. Can Someone Explain What’s This?

The Viral

3. A Lovely Grasshoper


4. The Tree is Addicted to Some Illegal Substances


5. Resting In Peace in the Middle of the Street


6. He Wanted a Taste of Coffee


7. Mosquitoes in Alaska


8. Just Jigsaw on the Toilet


9. How Did That Happen?

Awesome Inventions

10. Three-Headed Cobra

Awesome Inventions

11. This is What May Be Lurking in Your Visor

Awesome Inventions

12. A Lovely Walk in the Woods

Awesome Inventions

13. Nope, Nope, Nope

Awesome Inventions

14. Tasty Raisins

Awesome Inventions

15. Poor Girl!

Awesome Inventions